Develop a supernatural love for others

The crying need of man throughout the ages has been that man must understand himself, his relationship to his neighbor and to his master.

It is impossible to separate God from His creation, He is alive through us. “Us” is a whole — we are all one within Him.

Rhonda Sexton

This includes all believers and non-believers, sinners and saints.

The problem is it is impossible to love God and hate our brother. Many of us would say we love God, yet when it comes to loving those in our lives who have hurt us or others, it is more difficult.

We can get ourselves caught up in our self-justification, “I don’t technically hate them, I’m just not gonna have anything to do with them.”

Ultimately God wants us to fellowship with man before entering into fellowship with Him. Fellowship can be defined here as solidarity, a common aim or purpose, a cement to hold together a community.

Fellowship with God doesn’t just embrace kindness toward friends, but includes love for enemies. Too many of us have washed our hands of any relationships that take too much effort, time or patience.

By choosing to do this the world is poorer because of the stumbling blocks we have put in the way of others. Such as: “I don’t have time to deal with idiots” or “They don’t deserve my friendship” or “I don’t agree with their choices so I’m out.”

These attitudes and statements can be heard in nearly every conversation in America today. We are unwittingly blocking our own development and the very purposes for which we were created.

Relationships are unbelievably hard, and without the help of the Holy Spirit nearly impossible.

But if our desire is to have fellowship with God, if our goal is to live in His presence and peace, we must push through this challenge and develop a supernatural love for others.

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