God always provides power and love

If God is calling us through something, God always provides the power and grace to do it.

Life is a journey of our dealing with the situations of the human condition. Each and every one of us are on a different level of that condition.

Yet, there are similarities during specific seasons, and knowing others who are walking through those with us offers some relief. It lets us know we are not alone and that we can get through it.

Rhonda Sexton

If you are lucky enough to have someone trustworthy that has Godly wisdom, there to help guide you in your life, you are blessed indeed. Even still, you will need to have specific direction from God and that takes personal effort in seeking God’s word and time in prayer and reflection.

For some of us we may be the first in our generation that relies on God, understands His desire and seeks out His will and wisdom. We may be the one others come to in times of crisis and heartache.

In that case, you must also be relying on the power of God through His word to help guide and encourage. In either case we must acknowledge we cannot do anything by our own will or power; we must seek God’s instruction.

I can recall several instances in my own life where I decided, “Oh, I’ve got this.” I began the journey of fixing a situation, or area in my life, that I thought had to be handled. The problem was not in the fact that I wanted to fix something, the problem was why I decided that area needed fixed.

So often we decide that because someone else has something, that we need it, too. We let human emotion and desire motivate us to be like others. Let’s say I have a friend who loves rocking babies in the nursery, and I admire and respect her so much that I want to be just like her.

So, I volunteer to rock babies in the nursery every Sunday and Wednesday at church. This is good, except the nursery class has way too many volunteers and I feel not especially fulfilled during this time.

When, down the hall, the 3- and 4-year- old classroom doesn’t have enough teachers, so I decide to help out. I end up loving each moment because they are busy, rambunctious and end up being a perfect match to my spirit.

When we design our lives to match someone else’s, we are not allowing our own spirit to develop the way God intends.

Roman 8:29, “We are predetermined and destined from the beginning to be molded in the image of His Son.” Individualized perfection. We must seek out our own plan and direction.

Reading a book might inspire us and we might get some ideas, but the work has to be done by you and you must allow God to show you the way.

Your way won’t look exactly like my way. God’s path for you will be different from anyone else’s. It is time we acknowledge and accept with those differences.

We cannot experience true happiness in life unless we allow God to guide us. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit inside your heart and let that be the road you take.

If you do, God will provide the rest. He will untangle all the knots and make your path straight.

(Rhonda Sexton is an author and inspirational speaker. She lives in Neosho with her husband and children. She can be reached at info@rhondasexton.org or 417-389-1222.)

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