Small contributions make a huge difference

I’m not a huge football fan. I usually watch a few games with the husband during the season while reading or working on the computer, but as a family we do usually watch the Super Bowl.

It’s a good excuse to eat snack food and invite our grown children over.

So, when we sat down during the pre-game, Jimmy asked me and our daughter who we were rooting for. I knew New England had won their conference but I had not heard what team they were playing against.

Rhonda Sexton

I always root for the underdog, so that was my question and, of course, Philadelphia was the team.

I have always loved a good underdog story, maybe I relate to them better because I usually feel more like a David than a Goliath. When the odds are stacked against a person, that’s when we see the true human potential rise up and shine.

When divinity meets humanity, for situations that God can use to promote His kingdom, it’s even more exciting to watch.

I didn’t have any idea about the faith of many of the players on the Eagles, but as soon as the head coach stepped on the platform to accept the Lombardi Trophy, my ears perked up as He gave credit and glory to Jesus Christ.

I enjoyed the fact that the quarterback was a backup player who took over after the starter, Carson Wentz, was injured.

During the game I learned Nick Foles was about to give up on the game of football in 2016. After he spent a weekend fishing with his brother-in-law, prayerfully considering his choices, he decided to take a leap of faith and stuck it out for another season.

God used Foles in many ways during the season, much of which we saw on the field but off the field he was an integral part of mentoring and leading other players to faith.

Foles, while holding his baby daughter at the podium, said “All glory to God” before he went on to thank his teammates and family and acknowledge that he is blessed.

In October 2017, the Eagles baptized wide receiver Marcus Johnson in a hotel pool before a big game at Charlotte N.C. There to support him were both quarterbacks, Wentz and Foles.

I thought about how Wentz must have felt in December after he was injured. Knowing that he is a man of faith, I imagine that helped him cope with the fact God had a plan.

I’m sure it was difficult knowing that plan meant he would be behind the scenes instead of on the field.

So, I did a little research and found an article from written by Zach Berman that confirmed my suspicions.

Wentz, while also doing daily rehab on his leg, continued to go to the 6 a.m. quarterback meetings with his buddy Foles and supported him with feedback, watching clips and giving suggestions.

His commitment and dedication was part of what made this Eagles team more of a brotherhood than a sports team.

I’m sure this attitude from Wentz encouraged Nick Foles and helped him to feel relaxed in taking on one of the most celebrated QB competitors of all times. He didn’t seem to flinch while facing Tom Brady. I can only say that, to me, it looked liked the peace that only God can supply.

Then, to top it off, is the story of tight end Zack Ertz. He played well the whole game and ended up scoring the winning touchdown. His first words as he took the mic at the podium were, “First and foremost, Glory to God, we wouldn’t be here without Him.”

For me the whole experience was like witnessing a real-life miracle. I know it was just a football game but this is how God uses circumstance in our lives, our jobs, in day-to-day life to make changes.

I am all the time explaining my belief, that in our mundane day-to-day is where God can work if we are open to let him work through us. We may think our contribution is small or that God couldn’t possibly be using us for something big.

I believe in the small, everyday things. The small changes in our attitude at home is building back the strength of the family, leading up to building back the strength of our communities and strengthening our whole nation.

I believe in what God can do in our nation and that by sharing our faith, just like these football players did, we can take small things and make a big impact.

(Rhonda Sexton is an author and inspirational speaker. She lives in Neosho with her husband and children. She can be reached at or 417-389-1222.)

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