The world awaits your gift

Are you too busy? Have you ever thought about all the things we fill up our lives with?

When we are too busy with the usual life experiences and possessions, we leave little room for more to come in. Many of us have a hustle and bustle existence of activities, work and busyness.

Are you satisfied with the results?

I really hope that you are, but many people I have spoken with are not happy with the current rate of exchange. Trading the best years of their lives for money ends up leaving many wanting for more than just possessions.

I don’t mean to discount what you have worked for so far in your life. Rather, I want to you think about what you working toward next.

We can do little about yesterday, what we have control over is the now.

Have you forgotten the dreams of your youth? Can you remember your gifts and the pull of your heart to make a difference in this world?

We’ve all fallen for the traps of this material world, we’ve let people talk us out of our dreams. We have let the marketing schemes of big companies sell us things we can’t afford and don’t really want, putting ourselves on a treadmill of trading time for money for 15, 20, 30 years, maybe even longer.

People who don’t like what they do for a living become negative and in turn, shape those around them into beings that are unhappy and unfulfilled. When did this existence become a way of life that has no escape?

Rhonda Sexton

People often talk about their unhappiness but rarely believe they have any control over changing their circumstances.

We don’t usually give much thought to our hopes and dreams, and I want to know why. Why do we just give up so easily?

You don’t have to quit your job to start living out your dreams, or to start searching for your purpose or your gift if you don’t know exactly what they could be.

But you have to start somewhere, putting one foot in front of the other.

Fear is the biggest success blocker on the planet. We are afraid to look at the possibility that we might have a higher calling, a purpose, a plan. Do you have a message, a story that can help others? Have you suffered? Have you overcome? Of course, yes, to all of these questions.

Are you ready to get to the end of your life and look back and admit, “I just didn’t even try.” Are you afraid of what other people may say or think? I am fearful of failure and ridicule, but I am more afraid of dying with my dreams still in me.

Some people just don’t want to believe in a higher power, God, or creator. But what if the spiritual realm needs us to live our part before good can prevail?

I have heard people argue that God doesn’t need us to do anything, and that makes some sense. He is almighty and all powerful, but even though He is in control, I believe we have a responsibility to live out our gifts and divine purpose, or else what is the point of life at all?

I believe your message is important. You have gifts and abilities from God and it is your duty to deliver. He hasn’t picked the wrong person, you are capable.

You just have to free up some time in your life to reflect and remember.

You have to be brave and decide that you are worth believing and investing in.

The world awaits your gift.

(Rhonda Sexton is an author and inspirational speaker. She lives in Neosho with her husband and children. She can be reached at or 417-389-1222.)

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