You can now call me… grandma!

I am writing this column on the last evening that Jimmy and I are “just” parents. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow I will be a grandmother.

I remember 20 years ago when I started writing columns, I was pregnant with Laurel, my second daughter.

I wrote about the massive love I had for my oldest daughter, Madeleine, how I couldn’t imagine loving anything more than I do her. But other mothers assured me I’d have enough love for two, and they were right. 

Little sister Laurel came along and then MyraGale and finally Wyatt, making our family complete. Each time my love expanded until my heart was so full and made our lives that much more blessed.

Now Madeleine is experiencing the same blessing for the first time.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed watching her grow up into the beautiful, smart and strong woman that she is now. I am so incredibly proud of her and her husband, Joey. I was told I should start praying for my children’s spouse as soon as I knew I was expecting, and that’s what I did.

God answered my prayers and I know they will continue the tradition of love and care that they were both raised with. They will raise their child to love God and live as Jesus did. I am so grateful for that.

People have asked me if I am ready to be a grandma. I say yes, I don’t feel like it makes me old or means my life is half over. I feel just as young as I did when I had my kids. I have earned the right to be a grandma and I’m proud of that.

Rhonda Sexton

All of my friends who are already grandparents assure me that Jimmy and I are embarking on the best years of our lives.

I am ready. I’m ready to hold my grandson and give him all the love I have. I’m ready to watch as my daughter becomes a mom. I can’t wait for the moment she experiences how much she loves her child. Then she will know just how much I love her.

I’m ready to watch Jimmy have another little boy in his life. He will be the best grandpa. I look forward to my three other children becoming aunts and uncle, to watch them care for and love their nephew. I have no doubt they will all fill their roles perfectly.

I look forward to sharing birthdays and holidays with our extended family, Grandma and Grandpa Link, and all the great-grandparents who will love this little one as much as I will… and that is a lot of love!

How wonderful to be so loved. I know God will continue to bless our growing family.

There have been so many changes in just the last year but through it all God has been present and I trust His grace will get us through the changes that are coming, strengthening each one of us making us each a better person in the end.

Thank you friends for your prayers and well wishes, they mean more than you know.

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